Anubis – Milwaukee’s Mummy Cat

The headquarters of the Milwaukee Press Club, located downtown in the Newsroom Pub contains a curious relic. Poised as if about to attack, with his toothy mouth in a snarl, the mummified feline above the bar is a frightful sight. Just imagine how spooky he looked when his electrified glass eyes still glowed. This is Anubis, the century’s old Milwaukee Press Club mascot. Few recognize it for what it is. Dried cats like these are intentional. They were posed after death and placed in the walls to protect a house, as this magical totem once did for the farmhouse in Darlington it originally called home. After recovery, it was originally exhibited at the Wisconsin Historical Society. But Anubis was soon claimed and named by rambunctious capitol reporters, who put the stolen curio on permanent display in Milwaukee.

During his tenure, Anubis has seen some bizarre pageantry. Not only did he accompany press club members on outings around the state, but in 1914 Anubis had his very own parade down Wisconsin Avenue. Anubis was lofted on a funeral bier on a float drawn by six white horses. The procession which included the mayor and 200 white-robed press club members transported the sacred cat to the club’s new headquarters.  

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