Anubis – Milwaukee’s Mummy Cat

The headquarters of the Milwaukee Press Club, located downtown in the Newsroom Pub contains a curious relic. Poised as if about to attack, with his toothy mouth in a snarl, the mummified feline above the bar is a frightful sight. Just imagine how spooky he looked when his electrified glass eyes still glowed. This is […]

The Creepiest Item At The Milwaukee Public Museum

This Peruvian mummy may be the creepiest item in the collections of the Milwaukee Public Museum. According to a security guard, this mummy is also haunted. One night watch, she witnessed the strangest spectacle of her life. While investigating the mezzanine level to discover why the motion-sensitive lighting had switched on in an empty building, […]

The Ghost of Prince?

Legendary musician Prince Rogers Nelson died on April 21st, 2016 at his Paisley Park estate and recording studio near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since his passing, Paisley Park has opened to the public as a museum celebrating the multi-talented musician and songwriter’s life. Staff have claimed to have heard strange sounds and weird noises in the middle […]

The Demon Ship

By Allison Jornlin The Carriso was a cargo ship, that was a frequent visitor to Hawaiian ports like Lahaina on the island of Maui. Richard E. Connell was her captain. The crew was made up of many Chinese immigrants to the islands. The steamer made many voyages across the Pacific without incident until December of […]