Milwaukee’s Pasta Tree restaurant and wine bar has been in business since 1982 and owner and head chef Suzzette Metcalfe has experienced plenty of unusual activity in the establishment since taking it over.

In this video, which is a walkthrough with writer Allison Jornlin, Suzzette goes through her and her staff’s experiences at the restaurant over the years. Suzzette started at the restaurant in her teens, but came back to it in the mid-2000s after one of the founders asked her if she was interested in running the business.  She thinks that one of those founders, Robert Fontecchio, still watches over the restaurant from the other side. She even says hi to him as she comes in in the morning.

After two staff members described strange encounters and asked Suzzette directly whether or not the place was haunted, Suzzette worked with a tarot card reader who she thought might be haunting the place. The card reader described a tall man with a moustache haunting the place that the reader just called “Bob” and said, I just feel like that’s his name.

Robert started the restaurant with Steven Gustafson in the early 80s and he passed away in 2007. And indeed, he was a tall man with a moustache. The unprompted tarot reader who got the name and description of the former owner gave Suzzette a little of the validation that it might Robert Fontecchio coming back to visit his restaurant.

And while Suzzette says the reader also told her that she might be able to help Robert over to the other side, she says that she isn’t scared of him at all, in fact she likes that he still checks in on the place that he loved so much.

Oher people have experienced what they think might be the ghost of a little girl in the restaurant as well, playing under the tables and sometimes yanking the legs of the patrons in a playful way.

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