Milwaukee Public Museum – Courtesy of Sulfur – CC-SA3.0

According to staff, the ghost of former museum director Dr. Stephan Borhegyi has haunted the building since the 1970s.

Dr. Stephan Borhegyi, photo courtesy Carl de Borhegyi

Dr. Borhegyi was quite an individual. He was a baron from Hungary who enjoyed archaeology, fencing, and wearing a cape instead of a winter coat. Although he was killed in a car accident on his way to work in 1969, some believe he just keeps clocking in.

Dr. Stephan Borhegyi in the field, courtesy of Milwaukee Public Museum

He is a prankster who has spooked curators, contractors, and security guards alike. Dr. Borhegyi has been known to pass through unsuspecting staff on the third floor like a cold wind, leaving his victims chilled to the bone. He also sets off motion-activated alarms, calls the elevator to the third and fourth floors, and lurks the halls of the mezzanine in a dark cape.

Dr. Borhegyi courtesy of Sam Noble Museum, University of Oklahoma