By Scott Markus

On the northern slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains, near Littlerock, California, lies an area called the Devil’s Punchbowl. This area is roughly halfway between downtown Los Angeles and Victorville. It is the site of countless beautiful rock formations and also the site of a terrifying screaming spectre.

A girl named Shannon talked about visiting a campsite as a high school upperclassman in the summer in the mid 2000s. While she was trying to tend to a group of kids one evening, a mist appeared on the trail ahead of her. The mist hovered in the air, slowly coming towards her and the kids, who were all terrified.  She could see that the mist seemed to be swirling. The mist also gave off a faint luminescent glow.

As the mist slowly grew nearer, the shapeless mass, which, at a distance was silent, seemed to scream as it passed her and her fellow campers. It’s safe to say that Shannon and her young campers slept with one eye open that night.

The name for the area is obviously the first attention-grabber. There are so many haunted sites that use the word “Devil” in its name. When it comes to Devil’s Ditch (site of the crash of 191 in Des Planes, IL) and Devil’s Creek (site of the Grimes sisters death in Willow Springs, IL) the terrible incidents and hauntings occurred long after the naming of the area. However, when it comes to Devil’s Gate near Pasadena, CA, the location was long considered cursed by the native populations before this area was settled. One can only wonder how long this area carried with it the name “Devil.”