Madison’s Most Haunted

Vilas Hall is also home to one of the student newspapers, The Daily Cardinal, which has been covering campus news since 1892. An alum from the 1980s talks about how when the newspaper was first moving into desktop publishing on computers instead of analog printing and something unusual happened. One day someone from the UW Type Lab came in and asked if anyone knew why the printer had spit out the letters “ORV” in xxx’s on one of its piece of paper. The Cardinal writers knew that it was a message from Orv Larson, who was the Daily Cardinal printer for years and had died the winter before. Orv used to work third shift and he’d bring beer to work from his favorite tavern, The Black Bear Lounge. The alumnus said Orv would cough when he’d pop the top and that if you hear a mysterious cough in the middle of the night at Vilas, don’t worry, it’s just Orv.