WizardQuest in the Wisconsin Dells is your live action Dungeons & Dragons fantasy come to life. It’s got all kinds of Harry Potter-esque thrills for you.It’s now located at 400 Broadway, but for years, it was located at 105 Broadway, right next to the Riverwalk. It’s not WizardQuest anymore, but that building it has been a mainstay of downtown Wisconsin Dells for over a century.

Before the wax though, it was called The Wharf Bar for a long time. Which makes sense when you consider that the dock is right over there. It famously featured a big stuffed swordfish over the bar. You could even buy a postcard of it. So, maybe it’s the Wharf patrons or those old lumber raft pilots like Leroy Gates and Whiskey Jack who are clanking around in the middle of the night here, because that’s what the current employees of WizardQuest often hear

A postcard of the old Wharf Bar with the fmous swordfish over the bar.

Before it was Wizard Quest, it used to be the Royal Wax Museum. Called that to give it an English flair as in Madame Tussaud’s famous wax museum, you could send postcards that advertised that these figures came from London and were designed by Josephine Tussaud, the famous artist’s great great great granddaughter.

If you visited Royal Wax (or the Wax World of the Stars as it was eventually called) you could get a picture with the cast of the Starship Enterprise, put your arm around Darth Vader for a picture, or get a photo with an actual monster, Bill Cosby.

Maybe the old drinkers from the Wharf are still partying and that’s the loud banging when there’s no one around that people hear, or maybe they’re still drinking and that’s the strange giggling that’s often heard. Either way, when a heavy door slams and there’s no one who pushed it, the employees at WizardQuest don’t chalk it up to Voldemort; they blame the old bar patrons, who couldn’t stop carousing even from the coffin.



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