Wisconsin Dells’ Most Haunted

Mojo Music at 817 Broadway in the Wisconsin Dells used to be called Mr. Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium. Logan Marvel (the Mister we’re talking about here) was a brilliant performer who will give you the full circus sideshow experience. The Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo has long been associated with the circus. Baraboo is home of the Circus World Museum because it was the winter home of Ringling Brothers’ Circus for decades spanning from the 1880s to the first part of the Twentieth Centry. Logan was a circus sideshow performer, he settled in the area to perform and set up his own theater. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey shut down in 2016, so without regular circuses going around anymore and with state and county fairs not featuring the sideshows like they used to, the Wondertorium was the only place you were going to get that kind of show in a place famous for circus folk.


Eating fire with Mr. Marvel

In addition to the terrestrial perfoormances, though, Logan Marvel said that it was haunted as well.

The house at 817 Broadway was built in 1930 by the Landry family and used as a funeral home for decades. The family lived upstairs while they conducted the mortuary business downstairs. How would you like to live in a place like that? Which actually, isn’t too weird for the time, because before funeral parlors really became popular, funerals used to be in the home. Even up until the 1950s, it wouldn’t be that strange for a body to sit in the casket in the parlor room for a few days before being buried, so while it wasn’t that unusual, it’s still pretty creepy for us to think about.

He said that as soon as they moved in, experiences started happening. When the owner of the building came into to check and see how they were doing, she immediately asked if they had seen anything paranormal. Mr. Marvel’s partner said that he saw a ghost woman in a rocking chair and the owner said that it probably was Janet Landry who was born and died in this house. She had show pets so they thought of her as a cat lady, so of course Mr. Marvel named his own cat, Janet.

One time when they were hanging out on the couch in front of the fireplace, he saw their 5 foot paining lift off the wall, fly about three feet, then come crashing down, landing face up. Marvel describes it as looking like someone lifted the painting, was holding it in their arms, and dropped it on the floor. It was shocking and Logan said there was no way it could have just fallen on the floor, because how else could a painting have landed face up?

But probably the strangest physical thing that happened was while they were gone for the weekend. They came back and found a two foot cross carved into their wood floor when no one else had been in the building at all. And since it’s a business, they’ve got security, whoever did it was already inside the house.

The Wondertorium had plenty of real activity from decades of housing dead people, but it was also a great place to lay on a bed of nails or watch someone eat a light bulb.

Listen to the entire conversation with Mr. Marvel right here: