CW’s Mysteries Decoded covers UFOs and paranormal reports and this Thursday, they’re doing an updated investigation into the Mothman mystery. If you’re not familiar with the Mothman, he is a winged humanoid creature that appeared to a group of people in a small town in West Virginia in 1967. Shortly after, a number of tragic events occured in the area, including the Silver Bridge collapse, where several people died.

Sightings of a winged creature started being reported in Chicago in 2017 and our Milwaukee tour founder and American Ghost Walks writer and researcher, Allison Jornlin, started going to each of the locations where the Mothman had been seen. This Mysteries Decoded epiode will feature some of the things that Allison learned by getting boots on the ground and going to the actual sites of the reports. 

The 2017 (and now continuing) Chicago Mothman sightings were originally reported to the Illinois Mutual UFO Network and you can hear about that in the video below taken at an investigator panel of which Allison was part of. 

This Thursday August 27th, 2020, Mysteries Decoded will be talking about the original Mothman reports from 1967 as well as the more recent reports of Mothman activity. In addition to researching in Chicago, Allison Jornlin has checked out winged humanoid reports in England…

And has even tracked down winged beasts in Hawaii…

Once you’ve seen the Mothman episode (and you can watch free right here if you don’t get The CW where you are!), you can also see American Ghost Walks writer and researcher Allison Jornlin and Mysteries Decoded host, Vice writer, and paranormal author (his book is called The UFO People) at the 2020 Milwaukee Paracon. 

The 2020 Milwaukee Paracon is a virtual event featuring ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFO discussions, rock ‘n’ roll inspired by the weird and strange, a paranormal film festival, trivia, and the Mothman of course! All from the comfort and safety of your own home. A three-day event starting on October 9th, registration is absolutely free and you can join the fun in from anywhere.