Stillwater Ghost Walks

We spark your imagination on this Stillwater city tour with real ghost stories, paranormal experiences, recent investigations, Native American legends, and much more! On this tour, you get to hear about some of Stillwater’s most interesting ghosts and legends, including:

  • Father Hennepin, the missionary who explored Minnesota in the 17th Century, called the St. Croix River, the “River of the Grave” because it was a place where the natives buried their dead. Many young men wound up missing in the river and there was one man who was better at finding dead bodies than anyone else. In fact, he had a business card that read “John Jeremy, Expert Recoverer of Drowned Bodies.”
  • The Arcola Trail Bridge sits almost 200 feet in the air over the St. Croix and people claim to have seen the apparition of a young lady in a white dress who walks up and down the train tracks. It’s said that this is the girlfriend of a man who fell into the river off the bridge and that she came back to look for him after he disappeared. Is she the one who carries the mysterious blue light people have seen over the train tracks?


$25 per person




1.5 - 2 hours


1.5 miles

Ghost Tours in Stillwater

  • Zephyr Theater – Theaters are some of the most haunted places, this old train depot has plenty of secrets to share.
  • St Croix River – Learn the story of Fisherman John, who used to “fish” for missing bodies in the St. Croix River.
  • Lolito Cantina – This building from 1882 has been featured on the TV show My Ghost Story on The Biography Channel. 
  • Lowell Inn – Built in 1927, the Lowell Inn was constructed to be the pride of Stillwater, envisioned the “Mt Vernon of the Midwest” and has housed celebrities from Johnny Cash to Lucille Ball
  • Austin Jenks Home – This house was one of the first in all the Midwest to be lit up with electricity in 1886. But did its original owner steamboat captain Austin Jenks love the place so much he decided to stick around, even after death?
  • Luna Rossa/Bootlegger Caves – In the 1940s, they set up a “haunted house” in the cave here, but things got a little too real when strange apparitions started appearing who weren’t on the schedule of attractions. 
  • Water Street Inn – Originally designed for wealthy lumber executives, this building featured electricity, indoor heating, and even an elevator, one of the first built in Minnesota. The ghosts came later.
  • Arcola High Bridge – Stillwater’s most famous ghost carries a blue light across the bridge. Is it the mysterious Will-o’-the-wisp or the spirit of a homicidal farmer?
  • Warden’s House Museum – Stillwater is the site of the Minnesota State Prison and the the mansion where thirteen different wardens lived for over six decades has been reporting ghosts for almost a century.

Customer reviews

Facebook Review

Fun evening learning about paranormal activities in Stillwater with our excellent guide, Dangerous Linda! We even shared our experiences with otherworldly entities.
~Joe B.

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Really fun and informative tour. Dangerous Linda is the best. This is a great way to get a little exercise, learn about local history, and hear some spooky stories. There is honestly nothing I’d rather do on a Friday night. Highly recommended.
~Liz W.

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Really great tour. Learned alot, and even got to experience some of stillwater's night life. "Dangerously" awesome.
~Travis S.

Stillwater Ghost Tours meeting location:

Our tour meets at 401 Main Street South in downtown Stillwater at the intersection of Main & Nelson.

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