Bayfield Ghost Walks

Downtown Bayfield, WI

As a child in a house on Manypenny Avenue, a former owner’s daughter was often awakened by the unmistakable sensation of someone tickling her toes. This playful way to awaken children was a favorite method of Bayfield mothers. When she opened her eyes, she often saw no one else in the room. However, if she was quick enough, she could catch a fleeting glimpse of a lady in a green plaid dress. The female figure standing at the foot of her bed smiling, rapidly faded. However, the vision was solid enough in her memory to be identified.

On a visit to the Bayfield Library, the witness recognized the same woman in a green plaid dress in a commemorative portrait hanging on the wall. It was Winnie Robinson, a librarian and beloved member of the Bayfield community, who died unexpectedly of pneumonia in 1929 after a brief illness. She had lived in the house, the home of the original owner, her father, Judge Joseph Atkinson. Winnie never had the opportunity to marry or have children of her own, but she could play with the children of those who lived in the house after she died…


  • Learn about Bayfield’s very own Bigfoot 
  • Hear chilling tales of shipwrecks and hauntings on Apostle Islands
  • Enjoy a great view of Lake Superior and the peninsula on the Old Iron Bridge
  • Keep an eye out for ghoulish locals like Trench Coat Man
  • See 19th-century architecture such as the Knight House and the Old Rittenhouse Inn

Important Booking Information

  • This tour runs in cold temperatures and light rain, so please dress accordingly and wear comfortable shoes.
  • The tour route is wheelchair-accessible, just let us know if you plan on using one, so we can adjust the route appropriately for your comfort
  • Because this is a limited capacity tour, all sales are final. But we will reschedule you if you have an emergency, we love ghosts, not monsters!
  • Service animals are welcome, but no pets are allowed


$20 per person


Bayfield, WI


1.5 - 2 hours


1.5 miles

What you can expect

Meet downtown to learn the cultural heritage of Bayfield
Your guide starts your 2-hour ghost walk of Bayfield with a brief rundown on the melting pot that is Bayfield. You can practice a cheery “boozhoo,” which is a greeting still used today by the native Ojibwe people of this region.

Throughout the 2-hour tour, you hear haunting tales from Bayfield, the Apostle Islands, Washburn, and the mysterious Lake Superior. Stories include otherworldly visitations by ghosts, monsters, and, maybe even aliens.

Check out the Old Bayfield Courthouse

The first stop on the tour takes you to the iconic, brownstone courthouse that was built in 1883, after the original wood frame structure was consumed by fire. Today it’s the regional office for the National Park Service and headquarters for the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Visitor Center. Your guide shares the hauntings that still occur in the building to this day.

Learn about how Bayfield even has its very own Bigfoot

“Big Harry,” or Bagwajwinin, has been seen over centuries by many people from very different communities. Learn more about the Bayfield Bigfoot sightings as you walk along the flat sidewalks of Washington Avenue.

Enjoy a Ghost Story-style romance at the Knight House

Stand in front of this Queen Anne mansion to hear the undying love story of William and Jessie Knight. You may even see one of their ghosts peeking through the window.

Look for Trench Coat Man

Walk across the way and try to catch a glimpse of one of Bayfield’s more elusive ghosts. He has appeared to on-lookers as a tall, thin man wearing a long, dark coat and a tall, flat-topped hat. Today he is known as the “trench coat man,” but many believe he was around long before the trench coat came into fashion. Older people in town refer to this apparition as “Ole,” a throwback to the area’s Scandinavian heritage.

See an otherworldly view of Lake Superior

Next head over to the Old Iron Bridge for a nice vantage point of the sky, Lake Superior, and the Bayfield Peninsula. You can quickly see why this is one of the best areas in the country for stargazing. And UFO sightings.

Lake Superior is a popular spot for UFO sighting. According to the Mutual UFO Network’s report database, Bayfield’s most recent UFO report is from 2018. However, these reports go back farther than you might expect, way before 1947, the year generally acknowledged as the inception of the modern UFO era.

Hear terrifying tales of the Apostle Islands

In the waters of Lake Superior, just off of Bayfield, is a windswept archipelago called the Apostle Islands. These 22 rugged, weather-worn islands are a place of breathtaking natural beauty. Your guide shares more than just the weather and things to do on these lovely islands. You also hear chilling tales of ghosts, cannibalism, a Lake Superior shipwreck, lighthouse hauntings and more.

Customer reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Our family of four decided to attend this Ghost Walk on a whim. The lanterns were a nice touch and we head off with a very cheeky and knowledgeable tour guide. There was some great story telling fun as well as a little history and information about Bayfield. ~Toni P.

TripAdvisor Review

This was a great walk and talk. Our guide kept all ages interested. You can enjoy this for your interest in the paranormal, or just take it as a nice series of stories and buildings which make the history of Bayfield Wi. come to life.
~Eric K.

TripAdvisor Review

My husband and had a wonderful time with this experience. the tour guide was dressed in period costume and the group was small (this may have been because we were there in Fall) so it allowed us to ask quite a few questions. the walk was pleasant and not tiring at all (we are in our 60s); it lasted about 90 minutes. the guide provided a lot of history and the stories were interesting.
~Barbara H.

Bayfield Ghost Walk meeting location:

Our tour meets in the parking lot of the Old Courthouse (415 Washington Ave, Bayfield) which now houses the headquarters of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Copyright 2021 Paradise Ghost Walks LLC, part of the American Ghost Walks family of haunted history tours.

Copyright 2021 Paradise Ghost Walks LLC, part of the American Ghost Walks family of haunted history tours.